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Flexolaser releases a new way of presentation layout for its ceramic designs

Flexolaser´s Department of Ceramic Design has developed a new way of presentation for its designs. In its effort to support and facilitate the work of ceramic companies in their search for new aesthetic proposals, Flexolaser has chosen to present each new ceramic design from an integral point of view. The most significant novelty in these presentations is the incorporation of 3D rendered environments (Vray).

As our customers already know, Flexolaser develops every project based on designs for injection ceramic models, supplemented later with decorated and special patterned pieces, both through printing or press applications.

Moreover Flexolaser specializes in conducting customized ceramic designs, based on both direct proposals from customers and real ceramic or natural stone pieces. In fact, Flexolaser is also known for its capacity in the digitalization of different kind of materials supplied by the customer. In addition, our service pack also includes the development of tailored 3D environments for the presentation layouts of our customers.

Pol. Ind. El Colomer
Camino Viejo Onda-CS 1ª Travesía Nave 9
Apdo. Correos 512 CP: 12200
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